DIY Felt Flowers

I've been seeing all these cute headbands for kids and babies.. So I thought I'd try to make a few.. And.. Surprise it was SO easy to do.. I'll try to explain this as best I can.. And Ill post a link to the video tutorial where I learned this!!!

What you need..

Hot Glue
Head band

Start out with a 3 in X 3 in square of felt.. and cut it into a circle.. Start cutting a spiral toward the middle.. Don't worry about it being perfect.. It doesn't need to be!!! When you finish you should have this!

Starting on the out side take the felt and start wrapping it around itself, it should look like this!

 Finish wrapping the felt around leaving the larger peace at the end.. Pull it around to the back and use your hot glue to secure it!!

This is what your finished flower should look like!

It was so easy and quick before I knew it I had these!

Add a these to a head band then.. Voila!!! Such a pretty headband for a photo prop or for your little princess!!!

 Here's the link to the Video Tutorial hope this helps!! GOOD LUCK!!!

You can do so many things from here.. add some pearls, feathers, any kind of embellishment.. Get creative and have fun!!!!

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