New Logo

I would like to thank EVERYONE that submitted a logo into our contest! There were so many GREAT designers that offered up their design services to us!! I would recommend ANY of the ones listed below!!

 But we could only choose one and it was SO hard to pick our favorite!! BUT, we would like to send a HUGE thanks and congratulations to Nickel Photography & Design It was such a pleasure working with you!! Our new logo is so FaBuLoUs!! Thanks again to all the great designers that participated!! This was not an easy decision!!!


Photo Packing DIY

One way to thank your clients and get them excited about their photo cd is to get a little creative with your packaging! Their are SO many ways to spice up your packaging with out going over board!! Simply add a little twine with a tag and write their name or thank you! Or add some ribbon.. That's pretty simple!! You can also find some cute paper and look online for some sort of template! It's pretty simple.. Im sure everyone can trace and cut! Here are some examples below!!!

I also wanted to share a little idea that I personally use!!! I'm sure most photographers have a copyright release!! Here's a cute idea for a simple release! I went to vista print and had mine made for free!! Just pay shipping!! Put them on BUSINESS CARDS!! Awesome right?? Then they can fit right in with the packaging for safe keeping!!