About Our Blog

Welcome to Non Stop Props! Gathering place for photographers and prop vendors! Our goal is to have all our favorite prop vendors and photographers all in one place! We will often host reviews/giveaways to show off some of our favorite props! We will also have awesome photography DIYs and feature a monthly photographer spotlight! Please submit all questions, DIY projects, and photographer spotlight nominees to nonstopprops@yahoo.com

To participate in a review we require at least one product be sent to us, we will photograph it, use it, test it out, we will then write up a review about your product and how much we loved it! We suggest that you offer a free product or discount code to go along with your review! What better way to get new customers to your page/website?!?  If you are interested in a review/giveaway please email us with the following information- What you will be sending us, links to all your pages, fb, twitter, websites, etsy etc. , let us know when you will be shipping your item to us, and if you will be donating a product or discount code for giveaway send us all the details!! We look forward to working with you!!